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Urmăriți trecerile stației spațiale deoarece transmisia SSTV de la bord este încă activă, prin nu știu ce miracol. E posibil să fi lăsat programul în buclă deoarece se reiau periodic imaginile.

frecvența 145.800


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De pe site-ul ariss:

Monday, July 2, 2018
June SSTV recap
Looks like everyone had several opportunities to capture images from the ISS during the June 29-July 1, 2018 period (and even some extra time beyond what was announced). It appears the images were cut off on the sides but were still easy to visualize.

*** UPDATE** June 6
It seems someone on ISS has afforded everyone with an extension of SSTV operations. Nothing on the schedule so no idea how long it will last. Next school event (which needs the same radio) is on July 13.

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De pe site-ul ARRL:

The ARISS-Russia SSTV transmissions from the International Space Station’s the Russian Service module that started on June 29 may continue until July 13, when the equipment being used for SSTV transmissions will be required for a school contact.

RS0ISS is sending stored images commemorating various satellites that have been hand-deployed from the ISS, including the first such satellite deployment from the ISS in 2006, Suitsat-1/Radioskaf-1, which consisted of a discarded Russian Orlan spacesuit reconfigured to function as a free-floating Amateur Radio transmit-only satellite. SSTV transmissions will take place on 145.800 MHz FM using PD-120 SSTV mode (5 kHz deviation). ... s-continue

73s de Ciprian N2YO

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De pe site-ul meu ...hi :lol:

- de vineri 29 iunie 2018 de la ora 08:50 UTC
- pana duminica 1 iulie 2018 la ora 18:30 UTC.
DOWNLINK: FM 145.800 MHz +/- doppler
MOD LUCRU: SSTV format PD-120 (ciclu de 120 secunde)
DECODOARE recomandate: mmsstv si uiss sstv
Ultima ora: Prima transmisie de la ora 08:58 UTC a fost in format PD290 .
La urmatoarea trecere formatul a fost PD120
Transmisia SSTV a continuat si in data de 2 iulie 2018. A fost intrerupta in data de 3 si 4 iulie apoi reluata in data de 5 iulie. La ora cand scriu aceste randuri (ora 10:15 cfr - 7 iulie 2018), transmisia nu a fost inca intrerupta. Nu exista informatii suplimentare asa ca va recomand sa monotorizati in continuare frecventa de 145.80 MHz.
LAST UPDATE-9 iulie ora 10 UTC:Transmisia SSTV a incetat in data de 9 iulie in jurul orei 09:00 UTC. "

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