Stiri din Germania

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Stiri din Germania

Mesajde YO6EX » Mie Apr 10, 2019 12:15 pm

- DM19LGS marks the 8th State Horticultural Show in Frankenberg/Saxony during 2019
on HF and 2m/70cm with the special DOK 19LGS. QSL
via bureau or via DG0ERS direct.
- The German award hunters group DIG celebrates its 50th anniversary as
- DR50DIG (DIG #6477, DOK DIG). QRV until end 2019. QSL via bureau or direct via
- The special event station DQ600UNI celebrates the 600th anniversary
of Rostock University during 2019; special DOK 600UNI until July and September until
December; during August the station's special DOK will be HSR19 (Hanse-Sail 2019).
QSL via bureau and DL5KVV (d).
- Special station DR19RGD (DOK 19RG) is operating until July 31, this to
mark the 19th Ruhr Games in Duisburg. QSL via bureau.
- DM775FLD celebrates the founding of the town Friedland 775 years ago
during 2019. QSL via bureau.
- DL19RIC operates in the context of the Rotary International Convention
2019 in Hamburg. QRV until June 5. QSL via Club Log OQRS.
- The special event calls DM70GER and DL70BRD celebrate Germany's
Septuagennial Jubilee throughout the year. An award will be available as well. QSL for
DM70GER via M0SDV direct or Club Log OQRS, DL70BRD via DK1YH direct or bureau,
Club Log OQRS.
- Special stations DF13DEJU, DF13BLN, DF13BUD, DF13MUC, DF13PAR and DF13STO
are QRV until end June. This to mark the 100th anniversary of
the maiden flight of the Junkers F 13, the mother of all commercial aircrafts.
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