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Satelitul ROM-3

Scris: Dum Noi 19, 2023 11:48 am
de yo8tlc
Informații despre ROM-3, preluate din buletinul informativ AMSAT-BB:

"ROM-3 Romanian High School Team's Satellite Soars to Success in Latest SpaceX Launch

The ROM-3 satellite, a PocketQube crafted by the high school team RomSpace, was launched aboard SpaceX’s ninth dedicated smallsat rideshare program mission, Transporter-9, on November 11th. In collaboration with Alba Orbital, this launch on SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket represents Romania's second venture into satellite missions, following the high school team's initial success with the ROM-2 satellite.

ROM-3, a demonstration mission following its predecessor 'Romanian Orbital Mission 2,' enhances RomSpace's pico-satellite design with improved camera resolution and higher efficiency solar panels. With an average team member age ranging from 15 to 18 years old, RomSpace pioneers affordable opportunities for educational institutions, exemplified by the International Computer High School of Bucharest.

The ROM-3 satellite, a 50 x 50 x 100mm picosat, sets forth with three primary missions. Its primary function involves acting as an amateur radio digipeater, allowing operators to upload messages for a one-time transmission back to the Earth. The secondary mission entails transmitting a low-resolution SSDV image in GFSK Mode, inviting active participation from amateur radio operators. The tertiary mission includes CW Beacon transmission, aiding in detecting the satellite's presence and measuring signal properties.

The UHF downlink (IARU coordinated frequency of 436.235 MHz) with 20 wpm CW, 500bps GFSK telemetry, and 5kbps GFSK SSDV will position ROM-3 as a notable contributor to the amateur radio community. More details are available at ROMSpace's official website This success builds on their prior achievement with the ROM-2 satellite and serves as a demonstration mission for upcoming pico-satellite constellations.

The collaborative efforts of RomSpace, Alba Orbital, and the broader Romanian space community culminate in the ROM-3 mission, showcasing not only the country's growing prowess in space exploration but also a commitment to fostering technical education and outreach initiatives. As ROM-3 embarks on its operational phase, it stands as a testament to Romania's potential in the evolving landscape of space technology.

[ANS thanks Alba Orbital and the IARU for the above information]"

73 de Cezar YO8TLC

Re: Satelitul ROM-3

Scris: Mar Noi 21, 2023 9:49 am
Frumos si interesant proiectul! 8-)

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