International VHF/UHF/SHF Championship of Romania



The Romanian Amateur Radio Federation is proud to invite you to participate at our traditional international contest dedicated to VHF/UHF.

1. Contest period: 06 - 07 July 2002 , 14.00 - 14.00 UTC
This contest takes place every year, during the first full weekend of July. Starts at 14.00 UTC on Saturday, ends at 14.00 UTC on Sunday.

2. Bands: all VHF/UHF/SHF/EHF amateur radio bands, starting with 144 MHz, except 3,4 GHz.

3. Modes: A1A, J3E and F3E according to IARU Region I bands plan.

4. Sections:

  • A = Single operator 144MHz
  • B = Single operator 432MHz
  • C = Single operator 1296MHz
  • D = Single operator multiband 144, 432 and 1296MHz
  • E = Multioperator multiband 144, 432 and 1296MHz
  • F = SHF/EHF all amateur radio band, starting with 2320 MHz, regardless number of operators.

5. Contest call: CQ YO Contest or TEST YO

6. Exchanges: RS(T) plus a progressive serial number starting with 001 on each band plus the WW QTH locator.

7. Scoring:

  • 144 MHz = 1p/km
  • 432 MHz = 5p/km
  • 1296 MHz = 10p/km

For D and E sections, the final score is the sum of the points for each band.
For the F section (SHF/EHF), one km distance counts one point. The score on each band is the sum of the points multiplied by the following factor:
  • 1 for 2320 MHz
  • 3 for 5760 MHz
  • 6 for 10368 MHz

The final score for this category is the sum of the scores obtained on each SHF/EHF band.

8. Log instructions:

  • Separate on each band and summary sheets for each entry.
  • All times must be in UTC.
  • Each log has to be accompanied by a Summary sheet showing following informations: callsign, country, name, address, section, QSOs number, points, multiplier, score, station description.
  • Also it has to include a signed statement that all contest rules and regulations for amateur radio in the own country has been respected.
  • Electronic logs are accepted in ASCII format and will contain all information requested above. Pictures and equipment details are welcome.

9. Deadline: All entries must be mailed or E-mailed no later than July 31

Mail address:

Romanian Amateur Radio Federation
P.O. Box 22-50
RO-014780 Bucuresti

Email: yo7aqf@soliber.net

10. Classifications and awards:

  • The highest scoring station in each section will receive the title of "International Champion of Romania" and the appropriate certificates.
  • The first ten places of each section will be awarded with certificates.

11. Notes:

  • Logs may be submitted also on floppy disk. Logs submitted on disk must contain all required information. Only ASCII format and MS-DOS compatible disks will be accepted.
  • Single operator means that a single person performs both operation and logging.
  • It is not allowed to change the callsign or the QTH during the contest.
  • DX Packet clusters and DX alerting assistance are permitted in all sections.
  • A station may be worked once on each band.
  • Contesters must observe and respect the amateur radio regulations in their countries, as well as the IARU Region I recommendations.

We are gently asking you to make available the informations about our contest to all those hams who might be interrested.

Rules updated on July, 3.