Experiment cu reflexii pe Luna

ARRL a transmis recent un buletin prin care invita comunitatea de radioamatori sa participe in acest week-end intr-un experiment de monitorizare a unor semnale in jurul frecventei de 7 MHz care vor fi reflecatate de Luna. Detalii se gasesc in buletinul original inclus in continuare.


ARLX002 Lunar Echo Experiment looking for Amateur Radio Participants

Special Bulletin 2 ARLX002
>From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT January 17, 2008
To all radio amateurs

ARLX002 Lunar Echo Experiment looking for Amateur Radio Participants

The HF Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in Alaska and the Long Wavelength Array (LWA) in New Mexico are planning an additional lunar echo experiment for January 18-19.

Interested radio amateurs are invited to participate in this experiment by listening for the lunar echoes and submitting reports.

On January 19, listen on 6.7925 MHz from 0500-0600z, and on 7.4075 MHz from 0600-0700z. On January 20, listen on 6.7925 MHz from 0630-0730z and on 7.4075 MHz from 0730-0830z (depending on frequency occupancy at the time of operation, it may be necessary to adjust the frequency slightly).

Based on previous experiments, investigators believe it should be possible to hear the lunar echoes with a standard communications receiver and a simple 40 meter dipole antenna. The format for the transmissions will follow a five second cycle beginning on the hour and repeating continuously.

The HAARP transmitter will transmit for the first two seconds. The next three seconds will be quiet to listen for the lunar echo. Then HAARP will transmit again for two seconds, repeating the cycle for one hour. In the second hour, this five second repetitive cycle will be repeated at a different frequency. All transmissions from HAARP will be CW (no modulation).

Depending on ionospheric conditions, it may or may not be possible to hear the HAARP transmission directly via skywave propagation.
Since HAARP will not be using any modulation, set your receiver on to CW mode to hear HAARP and the lunar echo. Investigators are interested in receiving signal reports from radio amateurs who may be able to detect -- or not detect-- the lunar echo or the transmitted skywave pulse from HAARP.

Submit reports via e-mail to mbreport@haarp.alaska.edu and list your call sign and the type and location of your receiving equipment and antennas.


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